2017- The Year of the Haircut

A satirical look at the events and characters of the year we’ve just survived

2017- what a year it was! We were led to believe it was The Year of the Rooster, but no, it was the Year of the Haircut, a year that looks like it could have been run from a hairdressing salon.

Why ? Because we were taken to the brink by Donald and Kim, two men with the world’s worst hairdos.

Then there was the High Court, where wigs worked overtime to determine whether we can vote for marriage equality in the mail, and whether a bunch of politicians are constitutional.

Not to mention the cut-throat razors in the hands of Malcolm’s two political foes, Bill and Tony.

Then there’s the red mane of a certain Pauline that emerged from under a burqa with the lot. And the wind tunnel of Employment Minister Michaelia Cash.

And let’s not forget Boris Johnson- now there’s a haircut!

All this, and more, is ripe for cutting-edge hair-raising satire as Shortis and Simpson, in their inimitable style, present their sharp take on the events and characters that have shaped that year of years.

Don’t miss 2017- The Year of the Haircut.

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