50 Years Ago Today- marking the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

1967, the year Harold Holt disappeared, the Vietnam War was raging, and a landmark LP hit the shops. It was Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and its songs were a mixture of hippy philosophy and British entertainment of a bygone era. There were characters like Billy Shears, Lucy in the Sky, Mr Kite and Rita the meter maid, and the tracks played through as if part of a single work. Then there was the cover artwork, lyrics on the sleeve for the first time ever, cardboard cut-outs, a psychedelic inner sleeve. The Summer of Love had a soundtrack, and the world of popular music was changed forever.

Shortis and Simpson pay tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of this groundbreaking piece of vinyl in a show that tells the story of the album and the songs set against the political and social climate of the era. Of course all the songs will be there, and the show will be presented in the usual Shortis and Simpson style that is well-researched, humorous, poignant, informative and above all, entertaining.

Tilba Valley Wines, 947 Old Highway, Narooma (signposted off main highway, 12kms south of Narooma, 4kms north of Tilba), Sat April 29, 7.30 pm. $25
Bookings  4473 7308. Doors open 5.30 pm, food available to order until 7pm