A Liberal Dose of Shortis and Simpson

Has the new Senate raised your temperature, given you a headache, caused nausea? Is your mind being twisted from left to right as Titanic Clive espouses an ETS, and Green Christine pushes for no tax rises on petrol? Or do you simply have a bad case of Abbottosis, or Shortenitis? Whatever it is that has you as sick as a PUP, A Liberal Dose of Shortis and Simpson may be just the tonic you need. With an epidemic of afflictions and disorders the order of the day on Capital Hill, Doctors Shortis and Simpson have a remedy based on a mix of wit, irreverence, and the odd guffaw. To kick the Abbott habit, lose the Bill chill, wean yourself off Christine, and survive Clive, take A Liberal Dose of Shortis and Simpson, administered twice only at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop, in the Melbourne Building, on Sunday August 10. If pain continues, consult your doctor. (But be warned, expect a co-payment of $7).

Smith’s Alternative Bookshop, 76 Alinga St, Civic. Sun Aug 10, 3pm/7pm.

$30/$25 concession. Bookings www.trybooking.com/94348