Good Evening Europe- the untold story of Eurovision

To mark the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, and Australia’s new role as competitor in the event, Shortis and Simpson take you on a roller coaster ride through six decades of European history, complete with glitter, over-enthusiastic dance moves, and corny songs (there is the odd good one too). Founded in the mid fifties to bring Western Europe together through television, the Eurovision Song Contest is more than singers and songs. It mirrors the extraordinary changes that have occurred in that continent from post-war Iron Curtain to Middle East conflicts, the fall of the Berlin Wall to wars in the Balkans, Polish Popes to Russian grannies, French ballads to pappy pop and world music- it’s all there, and more in Good Evening Europe. Not to mention Abba, Cliff Richard, Sandie Shaw, Buck’s Fizz, Dana, Dana International, the bearded Conchita, and Riverdance. It’s fun, surprising, daggy and moving. So get yourself to Vivaldi’s the week before the 60th show hits the airwaves, and boom-bang-a-bang, ring-ding-a-ding, and ding-ding-a-dong. Four shows only.

Teatro Vivaldi, ANU campus

Thurs/Fri/Sat May 14/15/16, 7pm (3 course dinner and show) $70/$80/$90(depending on seating)

Show only $30/$40/$50, 8.30pm

Sun May 17, 5.30pm (canapés and show) $40/$50/$60(no show only)

Bookings 6257 2718




John Shortis has been working with the community in the Dandenongs area east of Melbourne, to create a show for the Anzac centenary, based on local stories. It has a cast of 300 kids and adults, a 50-piece band, and Shortis and Simpson.

Mt Evelyn Discovery Church, Sat Apr 18, 2pm

Belgrave Heights Convention Centre, Mon Apr 20, 7pm

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