Out of the Cabinet 1990 and 1991


For the very last time, Shortis & Simpson present their annual show that accompanies the release of the cabinet documents, this time of 1990/91- when we had the recession we had to have, when Keating became PM, and Hewson made it to Opposition leader. Milli Vanilli were caught miming, Nirvana were smelling like teen spirit, Freddie Mercury died, Sinead O’Connor burst on the scene, and the Wiggles were born. Once again, Shortis & Simpson will be joined by Dr Nicholas Brown, who will give his take on the cabinet documents. And it’s the Enlighten Festival, so come and bathe in the warm glow of illuminated public buildings, and be entertained and informed at the same time. National Archives, Sat Mar 5/12, 6.30/8.30pm, $15.29 (plus small delivery fee) To book.