Smart Arses, Bums and Short Arses

Up-to-date political
satire comes to the National Press Club when
Shortis &
Simpson join forces with the House Howlers and the Shiny Bum Singers



Friday June 29, 8.30pm, $32


The surplus has been ignored, the carbon tax ads that don’t mention the carbon tax
have hit our screens, leadership rumblings abound, cabcharges and union credit
cards are dirty words, a Green Milne walks in Brown footsteps, the opposition
is in campaign mode even though there’s no election.
It must be time for the annual gathering of satirical minds in Smart
Arses, Bums and Short Arses
, up-to-date political satire from three

The House Howlers (parliamentary journalists, the Smart Arses) fresh from their annual spot at the Mid-Winter Ball), combine with The Shiny Bum Singers (public servants, the Bums), and Shortis & Simpson(cabaret artists, the Short Arses), in this feast of wit, irreverence, insight and hilarity.

Politics and bureaucracy have never been this funny.

Book now or 6121 2199

National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton, live jazz from 5.30pm, tapas from 6pm, restaurant from 7pm