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Woody – One night only!


This year there are many celebrations around the world to mark the centenary of American folk songwriter Woody Guthrie (born July 14 1912).

To celebrate this landmark anniversary here in Canberra, Shortis and Simpson present Woody– the songs, the life and the influence of this legendary minstrel.

In his imitable fashion, John Shortis has researched Woody’s life story, found the quotes, the quirky anecdotes, the surprising tidbits, and the grand moments that define his life and work.

The stars of the show, though, are Woody’s extraordinary songs- dust bowl ballads, work songs, union songs, hobo songs, talking blues, children’s songs, love songs, songs that mark milestones in the story of America in the early and mid twentieth century, songs that have influenced generations of singer/songwriters.

In Woody, Shortis tells the stories, plays keyboard and guitar. Moya Simpson breathes new life into the Guthrie songbook with her amazing range, vocal versatility, and comic flair. And Dave O’Neill, steeped in the folk tradition, brings an incredible authenticity to the show with his virtuosic fiddle/guitar/mandolin playing, not to mention a good dose of singing.

The well-known Woody songs will be there- This Land Is Your Land, So Long It’s Been Good To Know You, Deportee, Do-Re-Mi, Pretty Boy Floyd, Union Maid, Pastures of Plenty, Riding in My Car etc, as well as lesser known gems from his prolific typewriter, the songs that influenced him.

For a moving, musical, informative, and quite often humorous tribute to the great Woody Guthrie, don’t miss Woody.

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